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to my island
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Art, craft and design to support consciousness and healthy concepts of living together on this planet.

cloudyarn - corespun mohair and alpaca
lampshade - handspun wool on wire, stitched leaves
scarf - handspun and handwoven natural and plant dyed fibres
Leaves cannot die #1 - Fibre sculpture detail -  misc fibres handspun on wire, baltic amber, stitched Pohutukawa leaves, driftwood - for the whole story check out my blog

Be the change
you wish to see
in the world.

Mahatma Ghandi

Natural fibres and plant dyes have a special beauty and energy I adore. I knit, crochet, felt, weave, dye, eco-print and sew... although my passion is spinning local fibres in natural shades or in dyes from plants I collect. It's the slow process I love - creating with my hands from raw materials, something totally unique and sustainable.

Accounting for Emissions - Brochure GIZ, detail
Dom Bistro (Brazil), healty lunch bistro with a pomgranate tree in the backyard
package design for a knitting kit - Wayby Wools, New Zealand

Design interrelates with our everyday lives and has therefore the potential to change our world.

Design for a difference

As a Graphic Designer I get the chance to immerse myself in other peoples' lives, their abilities and views. I can use my skills to help in spreading ideas and messages to make the world a great place.

no title
The Systems Thinking Playbook for Climate Change, a toolkit for interactive learning - GIZ, inside
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The ancient Polynesian belief is that the artist is a vehicle through whom the gods can create.

Erenora Puketapu-Hetetmeeting

When I sit down and make my pictures I feel free - able to enter unexplored worlds without any rules and restrictions. All the critters of my soul are allowed to show up and connect with the real world. When I work on certain ideas I always incorporate the unexpected!


Love is paying attention.

William V. Pietsch

I'm Isla, an Artist and Designer currently living in South Taranaki, New Zealand. My main concept of life is being in the moment, which means 'paying attention to all kind of things fully' and I strongly believe that humans should use their ingenuity for healthier concepts of living together on this planet.

I was born on an Island in the Baltic Sea - raised in a country which no longer exists. I studied Interior Design and Graphic Design in Germany, and lived and worked as a Freelance Designer in Berlin, Italy and Ireland.

I'm passionate about exploring the unthinkable - admiring the 'beauty with lack of intentions' - in nature, art works and life! Eventually I hope to live off my own permaculture food forest and fibre heaven - together with my husband and many other creatures!

If you are interested in something or if you wish to leave a comment feel free to email me at: isla@islafabu.com or connect with me on Facebook or Instagram.


The Art of Letting Go

April 2019

It's been a while since my last post over here. Partly because I had committed to write several articles for Fibre Magazines. Then I went overseas for a family gathering /adventure in Spain. But most of all I had extended the social media break I usually take over the Christmas holidays, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself playing, exploring and creating just for the moment. I let go of my own schedule and that constant thinking about what to post next, I let go of the urge to know what other people do. I stayed away from screens and instead took time for the pleasure of what's nowadays called the "analogue" life.  Read more...