From the Deep

06 February, 2018
From the Deep

Every year the Lysaght Watt Gallery in Hawera / Aotearoa New Zealand calls for entries on a specific topic from artists throughout New Zealand. 2018 year’s theme was "Rising" and my piece is about roots and their important role in any growing - not only in the plant world.

It is also my first artwork using muka (fibre from harakeke) I extracted myself from a harakeke plant, which has been gifted to me.

From the Deep

Complex forces work their magic in the dark. From this deepness a flower blooms, ideas are rising and stories will be passed on.

This fibre sculpture explores the relationship between my Baltic Sea heritage and South Pacific influences, a journey across the oceans. The process of spinning natural fibres I gather and prepare myself allows me to put my roots down where I am now, feeling the deep connection with Papatūānuku and all beings coming from her.


Hand spun muka (fibre from harakeke) dyed with harakeke seed pods; wool, alpaca & silk, hand spun on wire; Baltic amber; driftwood

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