Cotton Love

30 January, 2018
Cotton Love

There is so much wool in New Zealand why would you want to spin cotton? Well that's what I was thinking - until a friend sent me a bag of raw organic cotton. And here I am - in love with cotton. From the very first moment I wanted to spin it on my supported spindle and there is definitely something special about it: the feel, the shortness of the fibres and the fact that it comes from a plant - which is so fascinating!

After finishing my first spindle I did some experiments with crocheting the singles together with a silk thread leftover from a previous project. I couldn't be more excited, so further spindling, silk spinning and experimenting couldn't be avoided!

Slowly the idea for a woven summer scarf evolved and therefore more yarn was needed. Based on what I already had I designed a few more, so I would have enough contrasting yarn to play with. I focussed on silk and mohair (naturally dyed with Harakeke seed pods and japanese indigo) to complement the white cotton.

Quite pleased with all the texture I'm now nearly ready to start weaving. As good things take time, please bear with me until next month if you want to see the finished project! :)

Tags: natural fibres, local colours, art yarn, spindling, handspinning, cotton spinning, natural colours

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