Creating space

29 October, 2018
Creating space

I admit when it comes to mother nature's treasures I'm a hoarder - shells, leaves, pebbles, driftwood, sticks, rusty objects.. I also find beauty in every little yarn scrap or tiny fibre residue and can't just throw them away. So what do you do when you are not blessed with a big studio? There is no other way then making space from time to time. Otherwise instead of being inspired I'm starting to feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities and although I'm surrounded by my vast collection I'm not looking at it any more.

So I thought spring would be a good time to go through my studio and make space for new creative adventures to come. Every day for one week I sorted at least one area. If I didn't feel in the mood, I did it anyway and just spent a few minutes with a tiny corner or shelf. In case I couldn't let go of some arrangements on my working table, I took a photo and then put all of that in a box. The idea is to choose now and then only a few items from this treasure box for new inspiration. After admiring them on my desk for a while I'll swap them with the next few.

My tiny, tidy studio feels amazing and I love to be in there again. There is a breath of fresh air and I'm bursting with ideas!

I won't bore you with before and after pictures but instead share some of the treasures I found along the way.

I'd like to thank Suzy Brown aka Fiberygoodness for her new booklet: tinyStudio - Creative Life, which gave me the final kick I needed. A Fibre Artist herself she writes about how less stuff is actually helping with creativity and gives lots of practical tips how to get clutter free and organised.

The booklet is for free and will be followed by a brand new 'Fibre Artists and Spinners Magazine'. And if this is not exciting enough, I have written an article for the very first issue, which will be out November 23, 2018! Go and check it out.

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