Same same, but different

25 September, 2018
Same same, but different

This new art work of mine is about our differences and similarities as human beings. Yes, we come in different sizes and colours, yet we are all spun from the same fluff - constantly unfolding.

Spirals are found in the art of different cultures around the world and have many meanings. In New Zealand it's based on the unfurling fern frond of the native silver fern which is one of the most striking plants to be found in this country. In Maori design this spiral shape is called Koru and represents the idea of perpetual movement, in which life both changes and stays the same.

Variety of fibres (including plant dyed wool, mohair, silk and muka) and shells, hand spun on wire.

Tags: natural fibres, fibre art, local colours, handspun wire, handspinning, natural colours, natural dyeing, muka

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