Gratitude Month

17 April, 2018
Gratitude Month

April and May are packed with workshops I'm taking and teaching. So yes I'm busy but also grateful for all the exciting opportunities the fibre world has been offering me so far. And even I have posted that before I'd like to say it again: Everything I know about fibre, every piece I create and all I share in workshops is only possible because of many other peoples work before me.

These are not only my favourite fibre Artists Lexi Boeger, Ashley Martineau, Rebecca Burgess, India Flint and Laurie Boyer, but all the artists, designer, spinners and crafter all over the world, who have been sharing their knowledge. I thank them all and owe them everything everyday! Sometimes I can give credit but often I can't say where my inspiration comes from. So there is no point in holding back what I might think I have figured out - it belongs to all of us. Sharing is everything, so the threads of knowledge are spinning into the future!

Tags: art yarn, handspun wire, gratitude

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